The Golden Age & The Golden Energy

Some say that we move into The Golden Age during this year, 2012. Others say that it has already started to happen. For me personally, the formal start date doesn’t really matter (if we at all could determine such)… What I want to know is what the Golden Energy is and how it interact with us humans.

According to Anni Sennov, the Golden energy (the underlying creative energy of planet Earth) doesn’t leave place for light or darkness, or for black or white, etc. It only leaves space for balance between all kinds of energies which is the main goal of the New Time energy these days. The Golden energy is simply a materialization and creation power which we can use in a very balanced and positive way here on Earth if we are already crystallized in our body structure. So when your personal balance is in place the Golden energy will give you the opportunity to materialize this balance at all levels of your life.

And… as a SUPER GREAT bonus(!) we can’t harm anyone with the things and ideas that we try to put into practice and act out in life. Now, isn’t that grand, or what!!!

Photo Courtesy: Kimberly Crick

Author: Teresaa Stovin

Teresaa Stovin holds a Ph.D is Business Administration alongside with an extended training in Energy Medicin. She specializes in assisting entrepreneurs to realize their full potential through the art of science and spirit working together in balance to create success. Known for her Energy Breakthrough Method and Money Wall Meltdown programs, she has helped numerous people on 4 continents to expand into a clearer path, an increase in client numbers, and an easier flow of money.

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